First expedition and after?

And yes, the rest will tell me. We presented the box certainly but now, eh ……

Well, the first box should be shipped this week, much to the delight of our first customer. The others will follow in the wake, I point out that there is still a delay for future orders, especially due to the design of the box itself.

Almost 4 weeks after the opening of the site, we will see in a few days or even weeks if the adventure continues, it is your confidence that will tell us.

We are already working on the next box, only on paper at the moment but there is no shortage of ideas.

See you soon for the sequel and thank you to you cryptos fans for your orders.

Crypto Box number 1: BITCOIN

It took one to get started, it was impossible not to start this adventure with the crypto currency best known and the one by which everything to start.

Created on January 03, 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is considered by experts as a safe haven rather than a means of payment, in fact it can be used for both purposes.

Our first box is therefore a credit to this crypto.

The box is collector, all wood but you do not buy only a box, in this box you can discover …….. but let's stop there.

We can't reveal everything to you like this, the box will remain mysterious until you have it in your hands.